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{{p|Guzzlord}} first appeared in ''[[SM100|Battling the Beast Within!]]'', where it attacked {{Ash}} and {{AP|Pikachu}} in the [[Ultra Ruin]] before {{al|Dia}} and his {{p|Zeraora}} intervened, driving it off. Dia later revealed to Ash that Guzzlord was the cause of the devastation of his home world. In ''[[SM101|Parallel Friendships!]]'', Ash and Dia sent Guzzlord through an [[Ultra Wormhole]] and back to its home world, with the help of the Shiny Tapu Koko, who made it possible for [[Z-Move]]s to be used again in the Ultra Ruin.
A Guzzlord will appearappeared in [[SM140]], where it emerged through an Ultra Wormhole at the end of the [[Manalo Conference]].-->
===Personality and characteristics===