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Houndoom (Pokémon)

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Houndoom may have been based on the {{wp|Cerberus}} of {{wp|Greek mythology|Greek}} and {{wp|Roman mythology}}, or other {{wp|black dog (ghost)|legends}} of {{wp|hellhound}}s. Houndoom is also similar in appearance to {{wp|Doberman Pinscher|DobermanDobermann}}s. Its tail resembles that of common depictions of the {{wp|devil}}. Houndoom also seems to bear some resemblancesresemblance to the extinct {{wp|tasmanian tiger|Tasmanian Tiger/Tasmanian Wolfthylacine}}. The Tasmanian Tiger was, a hound-like marsupial with a lean body and stripey pattern on its back, much like Houndoom in respects of appearance. Houndoom's shiny{{Shiny}} coloration could be based on {{wp|Yama}}, the Hindu Lord of the Fallen, who often appears blue and red.
====Name origin====