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{{series|Sun & Moon}}
==={{series|Sun & Moon}}===
Professor Kukui debuted in ''[[SM001|Alola to New Adventure!]]''. He was first seen entering his classroom, where he was introduced to Ash, apparently not recognizing him from his youth. He later watched as Ash battled [[Team Skull]] and was impressed by his battling skills. After Team Skull's defeat, he told Ash about Z-Moves and the [[island challenge]]. Following Ash's decision to attend the [[Pokémon School]], he allowed Ash to live with him during his stay in [[Alola]]. At the end of [[SM002|the next episode]], he handed Ash a new {{an|Rotom [[Pokédex|Pokédex}}]], which [[SM003|then]] got inhabited by a {{p|Rotom}}.
In ''[[SM015|Rocking Clawmark Hill!]]'', he and Ash returned home one night, only to notice the absence of {{AP|Rockruff}}. Rockruff soon returned injured, prompting Kukui to heal it with a [[Potion]]. Upon further investigation, they found out that it had been training on [[Clawmark Hill]]. After watching Ash train Rockruff, Kukui noticed the bond they had developed and encouraged Ash to {{pkmn2|caught|catch}} Rockruff.
|vaen=H.D. Quinn
|desc=Professor Kukui's alias, the Masked Royal, commonly uses an {{p|Incineroar}} in the [[Battle Royal]]. It was first seen in ''[[SM063|Pushing the Fiery Envelope!]]'', where it took part in a Battle Royal against Ash's {{p|Litten}}, [[Kiawe's Marowak]], and [[Sophocles's Charjabug]], easily winning despite holding back. It was later used in another battle against Ash's Litten, during which Litten evolved into a {{AP|Torracat}}. Despite this, Incineroar still won the battle.}}
|trainer=Professor Kukui
|img=Kukui Lucario.png
|desc=Professor Kukui's alias, the Masked Royal, has a {{p|Lucario}}.}}-->
|cs=Martin Kubačák
|da=Troels Toya
|fi=Ilkka Villi ([[SM001]]-[[SM068]])<br>UnknownTuukka voice actorLeppänen ([[SM069]]-present)
|el=Φώτης Πετρίδης ''Fotis Petridis''
|it=Paolo De Santis