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===In-battle bugs===
* {{m|Leech Seed}} and {{m|Toxic}} used the same damage counter, allowing Leech Seed to drain twice as much damage when a Pokémon was affected by both at the same time.
* {{m|Focus Energy}} and {{DL|Battle item|[[Dire Hit}}]] divided the user's [[critical hit]] rate by 4 instead of multiplying it by 4.
* Using {{m|Agility}} or Swords Dance while {{status|Paralysis|paralyzed}} or {{status|burn}}ed, respectively, would negate the status impairments from those effects and then double the enhanced stat.
* If {{m|Hyper Beam}} knocked out a Pokémon or destroyed a {{m|Substitute}}, the user would not need to recharge on the succeeding turn.