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He is a very cocky and somewhat unfriendly young man, typically bidding people farewell with "Smell ya later!" (Japanese: '''バイビー!''' ''Baibii!''), and his primary motivation throughout the game is to become the greatest Trainer. Aside from that main goal, he also seems to take satisfaction from always being one step ahead of the player character. He eventually accomplishes his goal, defeating the [[Kanto]] [[Elite Four]] and becoming the [[Pokémon Champion]], but is quickly defeated by the player, losing the position.
In {{game2|Red|Green|Blue}}, {{game|Yellow}}, and {{game|FireRed and LeafGreen|s}}, Blue is the player's rival. He used to be a good childhood friend of {{ga|Red}} but has became mean. He believes that Red is his rival because they both have the same age and the same height.<ref>[ Pokémon Blue Version manual, page 2] </ref> He will meet up with the player as hethey or she journeysjourney across the [[Kanto]] region, challenging him or herthem every once in a while to test their skills. Like the player, he receives a starter Pokémon from Professor Oak, his grandfather: the one he chooses will be of the type which weakens the type of the player's choice. In Yellow, he will take the {{p|Eevee}} Professor Oak had intended for the player.
Eventually, Blue becomes the {{pkmn|Champion}} at [[Indigo Plateau]], though he is defeated by the player before Professor Oak arrives to congratulate him. Frustrated, he journeys to the [[Sevii Islands]] at Professor Oak's request, obtaining new Pokémon to use in his matches against the player at the Indigo Plateau (as all in-game Champions return to their position on the player's return to their hometown).