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Serene Village Residents: aren't these all covered in the students article?
*{{mdc|Audino|smd}} is the village doctor and the health teacher. A friendly but serious teacher, Audino also often cracks jokes.
*[[Students (Super Mystery Dungeon)|School Children]]:
**{{mdc|Pancham|smd}} is the bully of the Serene Village school. With {{p|Shelmet}}, he teases {{p|Goomy}} and the player's partner. Pancham, as a Pokémon child, still fears entering [[Mystery Dungeon]]s.
**{{mdc|Shelmet|smd}} is a subordinate to Pancham. He teases Goomy and the player's partner with Pancham.
**{{mdc|Deerling|smd}} is popular with classmates, but she speaks bluntly.
**{{mdc|Goomy|smd}} is the youngest student at the school. Despite being timid and teased often, he has the guts to enter a dungeon alone.
**{{mdc|Espurr|smd}} is an intelligent, mature high-achieving student, and isn't very talkative. Her default level is 18.
===Shop Keepers===
*{{p|Kecleon}} runs the [[Kecleon Shop]].