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Trivia: Not sure if this is the best wording, but I'll go with it for now.
* In {{game|Red and Green|s}}, there is an oversight here. By returning to the Gym after losing the battle against [[Sabrina]], the game will consider that the player won. The player is thus registered as a winner and receives both the {{badge|Marsh}} and [[TM46]]. This error was fixed in {{game|Blue| (Japanese)}} and the international {{game|Red and Blue|s}}.
* For unknown reasons, the Saffron Gym is the fourth Gym in the {{pkmn|anime}}, but the sixth Gym in the {{pkmn|games}}.
** However, in the [[Generation I]], {{gen|III}}, and [[Generation III]]{{gen|VII}} games, it is possible to defeat [[Sabrina]] before obtaining any more than two Badges, as it is accessible through [[Vermilion City]].
** ItIn Generations I and III, it is also possible to defeat Sabrina as the seventh Gym Leader, as {{m|Surf}} can be used outside of battle to reach the [[Cinnabar Island]] and [[Blaine]]'s Gym right after obtaining the {{badge|Soul}}. In Generation VII, as the [[Secret Technique]] Sea Skim can be learned and used before earning the Soul Badge, Cinnabar Island can be reached before defeating [[Koga]]. However, this does not affect the fact that Sabrina can still be left as the seventh Gym Leader in Generation VII as well.