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Cerulean Gym

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In the anime
The Gym's next appearance was in ''[[EP061|The Misty Mermaid]]''. While {{ashfr|the group}} was the way to the [[Viridian Gym]], [[Misty's Horsea]] became sick. Realizing the Gym was nearby, Misty decided to go and see if they could make Horsea feel better there. At the Gym, Misty's sisters told her that they had set up an underwater balette and given Misty the main role without asking her first. With the first performance due to be held the following day, Misty was left with no choice but to accept the role. During the performance, Team Rocket attacked and tried to steal the Gym's Pokémon again. This time, they were defeated by the Gym's {{p|Seel}}, which evolved into a {{OBP|Dewgong|Cerulean Gym}} to protect the Gym. Afterwards, Misty's sisters asked Misty to leave her Horsea and {{TP|Misty|Starmie}} at the Gym for their future performances, which she reluctantly accepted. She also tried to force her {{TP|Misty|Psyduck}} on them, but they refused.
In ''[[EP256|Just Add Water]]'', while traveling through [[Johto]], Ash and his friends met a Water-type Trainer named [[Dorian]], who had visited the Cerulean Gym and met Misty's sisters multiple times, wishing to make his own unofficial Gym, the Coastline Gym, as widely known as the Cerulean Gym.
In ''[[EP273|Gotta Catch Ya Later!]]'', Misty received a call from her sisters, informing her that they had won an around-the-world trip and were giving their Cerulean Gym Leader status to her so that she could take care of the Gym in their absence.