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Gladion's Silvally

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In the anime: high velocity
In [[SM135]], Gladion used Silvally to drive [[Tupp]], [[Zipp]], and [[Rapp]] away from [[Mimo]], whom they were harassing. Later, Silvally was the second and last Pokémon Gladion chose to use in his semifinals battle against {{an|Kiawe}}, facing his {{TP|Kiawe|Turtonator}}. After Silvally's foot had gotten stuck on the ground, Kiawe started performing {{m|Inferno Overdrive}}, but Gladion used a Fire Memory to turn Silvally into a {{t|Fire}} type just before the attack hit, allowing Silvally to endure the Z-Move. It then counterattacked with {{m|Crush Claw}}, defeating Turtonator and allowing Gladion to advance to the finals.
In [[SM138]], Silvally was the first Pokémon Gladion sent out in his battle against Ash in the Manalo Conference finals, facing Ash's newly evolved {{AP|Melmetal}}. Silvally took heavy damage from Melmetal's {{m|Double Iron Bash}} and {{m|Flash Cannon}}, but eventually Gladion used a [[Fighting Memory]] to give Silvally a type advantage, turning the tide of the battle and soon resulting in Melmetal's defeat. Silvally next faced Pikachu. Using an {{m|Electroweb}} that Silvally had dodged to his advantage, Pikachu was able to launch a high-velocity surprise attack from behind and defeat Silvally with {{m|Iron Tail}}.
===Personality and characteristics===