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Shellder (Pokémon)

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* Shellder were shown to be capable of floating through the air in {{g|Snap}}, a trait that has been seen in no other media.
* Shellder and {{p|Cloyster}} share their {{pkmn|category}} name with {{p|Clamperl}}. They are all known as the Bivalve Pokémon.
* Shellder can be seen as a counterpart to {{p|Staryu}}. Both are Water types in the Water 3 Egg Group, and both evolve with a Water Stone, both gaining a second type upon evolution. Cloyster is seen as a slow defensive Pokémon, and Starmie is seen as a fast attacking Pokémon. Staryu is exclusive to Fire Red and Y, and Shellder is exclusive to Leaf Green and X.