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==Pokémon video games==
TheSince firstthe [[PokémonNintendo gamesDS]] era, {{game|Redthe andPokémon Blue|s}},video weregames releasedhave inbeen Indonesiasold inand limiteddistributed numbersby around 2000[ TheMaxsoft], firstwhich trulyis well-knownthe Pokémonsole gameand forofficial Indonesiadistributor wasof [[Nintendo]] products in the {{gamewp|YellowSoutheast Asia}}, which was released in 2001territories.
During the [[Nintendo DS]] era, the Pokémon video games have been sold and distributed by [ Maxsoft], which is the sole and official distributor of [[Nintendo]] products in the {{wp|Southeast Asia}} territories.
All internationally released [[core series]] games usually have been available in Indonesia. [[Spin-off Pokémon games]] that are available in English language such as [[Pokémon Pinball]], the {{ga|Pokémon Ranger}}, and the {{g|Mystery Dungeon series}}, have been released in Indonesia as well. These games were available within several months to one year after their English releases. Nowadays, Pokémon games such as {{pkmn|Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire}} were also made available near the date of its worldwide release.
Many pirated copies of [[ROM hacks]], as well as official games, are also sold in Indonesia, especially the infamous games "Pokémon ChaosBlack" and "Pokémon Quartz", which at first were mistaken by people as official. Pirated copies of official games come in a variety of ways, such as the lack of license or the color difference of game cartridges.
In 2017, [[Pokémon Tretta]] machines was released in Indonesia in English.<ref>[ Find a Store - Indonesia - Pokémon TRETTA official website]</ref>
The season that contains episodes from [[S13|thirteenth season]] called '''Pokémon D&P Part II''', was aired after the first 52 episodes (excluding to [[DP048|recapped episode]]). Due to this, most of episodes were skipped from [[DP053]] to [[DP136]] on June 12, 2011. This season consist of 52 episodes,<!--<ref>[ Lembaga Sensor Film - Pokémon D&P Part II #52]</ref>--> which were brought to the episode removal from [[DP138]] to [[DP141]]. Thus, [[DP142]] was aired instead after [[DP137]] on June 26, 2011.
For unknown reason, [[DP166]] was aired twice on December 18 and 25, 2011. On January 1, 2012, [[DP169]] was broadcast after [[DP167]] on {{wp|New Year's Day}} 2012, following the order in some countries. [[DP168|An episode featured Shaymin]] was aired on January 8, 2012; coincidentally, ''[[M11|Giratina and the Sky Warrior]]'' was aired on the same date after a few blocks.
Start from [[DP179]] on March 18, 2012, the show was moved at 08:30-09:00 {{wp|Time in Indonesia|WIB}}. The show was discontinued less than a year after [[DP191|the last episode]] of {{series|Diamond & Pearl}} was aired on June 10, 2012.
| [[M08]]
| ''Lucario and the Mystery of Mew''
| September 1, 2011<ref>[ Indosiar website]</ref>{{wp|Eid ul-Fitr|{{tt|*|Commemoration of Idul Fitri}}}}<br>February 5, 2012
| 09:30<br>09:30
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| [[M09]]
| ''Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea''
| September 2, 2011<ref>[ Indosiar website]</ref>{{wp|Eid ul-Fitr|{{tt|*|Commemoration of Idul Fitri}}}}<br>February 12, 2012
| 09:30<br>09:30
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| [[M10]]
| ''The Rise of Darkrai''
| September 3, 2011<ref>[ Indosiar website]</ref>{{wp|Eid ul-Fitr|{{tt|*|Commemoration of Idul Fitri}}}}<br>February 19, 2012
| 10:00<br>09:30
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===Pokémon Tazos===
[[File:Pokémon Tazos Indonesia 2.png|thumb|left|200px|Pokémon Tazos Indonesia version]]
The quite popular collectible [[Pokémon Tazos]] were available, after the popularity of the anime series. These collectible toys can be found in three different snacks, [ Chiki], [ Cheetos], and [ JetZ]. They were produced by '''{{wp|Indofood|Indofood Fritolay Makmur}}''', an Indonesian snack food company—joint venture company with {{wp|PepsiCo}}. All Pokémon were using English names in these merchandise, except for {{p|Growlithe}} and {{p|Arcanine}}, which using their Japanese names (''Gardie'' and ''Windie''). However, unlike the American releases, the types on the back were completely removed.
The first releases came with two different Tazos, namely '''Tazos Spin''' and '''Tazos Smash'''. Tazos Spin has several small incisions around the tip, which can be used to assemble and connect in many ways, while Tazos Smash is the flower-shaped Tazos with several crackable gaps. Not only featured {{cat|Generation I Pokémon|151 Pokémon species}}, but five human characters are also included: Ash, Brock, Misty, [[Nurse Joy|Joy]], and [[Officer Jenny|Jenny]].
There have been Indonesian translations of the [[Pokémon anime novelization series]], which were mostly only published based on episodes from the [[original series]]. These novels were translated and published by '''Panda Books''' in 2000.
===Pokémon kidsCraft stationeryFigures===
Pokémon Craft Figures are products distributed by [[XYTakara seriesTomy]] for {{wp|PokémonSoutheast XYAsia}} anime]]-themedcountries in 2013.<ref>Takara Tomy's financial results in 2013 [ (English)][ kids stationery(Japanese)]</ref> suchParts asare notebooks,removed pencilfrom cases,a and paper bags were available in late 2016card and officiallyassembled licensedtogether byto [http://kiky.comcreate Kiky3-dimensional CreativePokémon Products Incfigures.]
===Pokémon toys===
{{wp|McDonald's}} Indonesia made Pokémon BW toys as {{wp|Happy Meal}} promotion [[Media:McDonalds ID promotion February 2013.jpg|was availablepromotion]] in {{wp|McDonald's}} Indonesia from February 22 to March 21, 2013, as well as a periodical Happy Meal [[Media:McDonalds ID promotion November 2018.jpg|promotion]] from November 23 to December 14, 2019.
{{wp|KFC}} Indonesia also made two Pokémon series as Chaki Kids Meal promotions. [[Media:KFC ID promotion March 2014.jpg|Pokémon BW toys]] was available in March 2014 and [[Media:KFC ID promotion April 2017.jpg|Pokémon XY toys]] was available in April 2017.
===Pokémon kids stationery===
[[XY series|Pokémon XY anime]]-themed [ kids stationery] such as notebooks, pencil cases, and paper bags were available in late 2016 and officially licensed by [ Kiky Creative Products Inc.]
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