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In the Pokémon Adventures manga
In ''[[PASM13|Unleashing the Incredible Z-Move]]'', Sun and Dollar fired a perfected Inferno Overdrive at Type: Null, causing its mask to crack. After switching for {{p|Porygon}}, Sun tried the Z-Move again, but failed, leading to Dollar's defeat. Gladion gave up on Tapu Lele, declaring it too weak to help him with the Ultra Beasts. As he left, Gladion revealed that something must be trying to break into their world through the wormholes.
In ''[[PASM14|Flash and Cosmog's Secret]]'', Gladion arrived at [[Po Town]]. There, he was attacked by the Team Skull Admin, [[Plumeria]], who wanted to see if Gladion was skilled enough to be an Enforcer. Though Gladion proved himself, his negative attitude angered Plumeria to the point where she refused to accept him as a true member of Team Skull. When Plumeria told Gladion to follow her, Gladion complied, but was momentarily distracted when a {{p|Zygarde}} {{DL|List of Pokémon with form differences|Zygarde|Core}} jumped past him.
In [[PASM19]], Gladion appeared at Po Town to battle the Ultra Beasts that Guzma summoned with the {{p|Cosmog}} he received from the [[Aether Foundation]]. Gladion revealed Guzma was being used by the Aether Foundation president, [[Lusamine]], so she could create a paradise for herself and the Ultra Beasts she covets. Guzma rejected Gladion's accusation, but was captured by a {{p|Nihilego}} and dragged into a wormhole. The other Ultra Beasts escaped from Po Town's barriers, allowing them to wreak havoc on the rest of [[Ula'ula Island]]. When the Captains asked Gladion how they could help, Gladion refused to help and said they wouldn't be of any use before riding off with Type: Null.