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Yasukuni Shrine visit: It's important to note why Yasukuni Shrine is controversial and why Chinese and South Korean fans in particular took part in the backlash against Game Freak's visit.
===Yasukuni Shrine visit===
On January 7, 2019, [[Creatures, Inc.]] posted a [ tweet] showing several employees visiting {{wp|Yasukuni Shrine}}, a {{wp|Controversies surrounding Yasukuni Shrine|controversial}} shrine located in Tokyo, Japan.<ref>[ ''Pokémon'' Studio Criticized After Visiting Controversial Shrine | Kotaku]</ref><ref>[ Pokemon Studio Under Fire For Visiting Controversial Shrine |]</ref><ref>[ Pokémon's Creatures, Inc. in Hot Water Over Visit to Controversial Yasukuni Shrine | Anime News Network]</ref> The shrine, said by ''Shinto'' practitioners to house the souls of fallen soldiers who fought for Japan, has been the subject of scrutiny over the years for including 1,068 military officials convicted of {{wp||various war crimes}} by the 1946 International Military Tribunal for the Far East, including 14 convicted Class A war criminals. Following social media backlash from fans in {{pmin|South Korea}}n and {{pmin|Greater China|ChineseChina}} fans(two onregions socialJapan mediacolonized before World War II and conducted war crimes in), the tweet was deleted later that day. An apology was posted on January 22, 2019 in [ Japanese], [ Korean], and [ Simplified ChineseMandarin] on the Creatures website and the official Korean and Chinese Pokémon websites.