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Added the fish that Cramorant summons with Gulp Missile. I wasn't able to upload the photo because I don't have permission. The picture could be found here
|desc={{main|Dark Matter}}<br>
Dark Matter is a living lifeform that is trying to send all Pokémon to the [[Voidlands]] and to return the {{OBP|Pokémon world|Mystery Dungeon}} to the void. It can be fought after clearing [[Tree of Life: Trunk]]. Although Dark Matter is not considered to be a real Pokémon, it can use moves against Pokémon and can give itself a random type.}}
|nick=Cramorant fish
|epnum=Pokémon Sword and Shield
|epname=Pokémon Sword and Shield
|desc=When [[Cramorant]] uses its ability [[Gulp Missile]], it is able to catch a fish. It is unknown if this fish is a Pokémon or just some ordinary fish.}}
===In the anime===