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Espeon (Pokémon)

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Because of its feline appearance, Espeon appears to be based on the legend of the ''{{wp|bakeneko}}'' and the ''{{wp|nekomata}}'', both ''{{wp|yōkai}}'' depicted as mysterious, intelligent, fork-tailed goblin cats. The orb on its forehead also shares similar traits to that of the {{wp|Carbuncle (mythology)|carbuncle}}, a Latin-American mythological beast that had a jewel on its forehead. The red coloring of the jewel could be a reference to a {{wp|lunar eclipse}}, an event in which the moon passes directly behind Earth and into its shadow, making it appear red in color.
Its large ears can be traced to {{wp|caracal}}s, {{wp|oriental shorthair}}s, {{wp|lynx}}es, and possiblepossibly {{wp|serval}}s. Espeon's ability to sense minute shifts in the air with its sensitive fur mirrors the cat's ability of using its sensitive whiskers to detect the slightest directional change in a breeze.
====Name origin====