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In the anime: 1) Poorly written. 2) Already mentioned below.
The concept of levels of Pokémon is not as detailed, nor as frequently mentioned, in the {{pkmn|anime}}. Unlike the games, the term appears to be applied more loosely, with higher levels correlating with increased strength of the Pokémon and its moves. This can be seen in several instances throughout the anime:
* The first time levels were referred to was briefly by {{MTR}} during the [[EP002|second episode]] when he said [[Ash's Pikachu]] was "powerful beyond its evolutionary level."
* At a [[Pokémon Academy]] in Kanto, several Schoolkids mention a [[Pidgey]] evolving when it reaches level 18.
* {{an|Misty}} mentions levels in ''[[EP051|Bulbasaur's Mysterious Garden]]'' where she says "That {{p|Rhyhorn}} must be at a ''high level''!" referring to a {{tc|Hiker}}'s Rhyhorn's formidable strength as it uses {{m|Take Down}} on [[Ash's Bulbasaur]], severely injuring it.
* {{an|Gary}} mentions taking the opponent's level into account before beginning a battle in the Japanese version of ''[[EP065|Showdown at the Po-ké Corral]]''.
* In ''[[EP112|Enter The Dragonite]]'', when {{Ash}} chose Bulbasaur to battle {{OBP|Drake|Orange League}}'s {{p|Electabuzz}}, Tracey reminded Ash that level had to be taken into account as well as type despite Grass Pokémon being resistant to Electric-type moves. After Bulbasaur was defeated, Drake comments that [[Ash's Charizard]] is at a higher level than he thought, as it was able to withstand a series of super-effective Electric attacks from Electabuzz.
* In ''[[EP120|Roll On, Pokémon!]]'', {{Ash}}'s [[Pokédex]] mentions that the length of a {{p|Donphan}}'s tusks indicates its level, allowing Brock to deduce that the short-tusked Donphan they encountered was a young and low-level one.
* Brock mentions in ''[[EP201|Doin' What Comes Natu-rally!]]'' that moves become more powerful as a Pokémon's level is raised; and Ash adds that the best way to raise levels is by battling.
* In ''[[AG158|Queen of the Serpentine!]]'', Brock comments how {{FB|Pike Queen|Lucy}}'s {{p|Milotic}} is at a high level after it defeated [[Ash's Donphan]] with a single hit.