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Mythical Pokémon

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In the anime
Mythical Pokémon typically make their {{pkmn|anime}} debut in a {{pkmn|movie}}, rather than first appearing in a normal episode. Most are held in very high regard in all forms of canon, though their status varies between the {{pkmn|games}} and anime.
In the anime, they are often only seen by special {{pkmn|Trainer}}s, such as [[Ash Ketchum]] and people who have a special connection to them. Ill-intentioned people often seek to possess them, due to their power and rarity. {{si|Tobias}} is the first {{pkmn|Trainer}} seen to own a Mythical Pokémon in the anime, using the Mythical Pokémon {{p|Darkrai}} and the Legendary Pokémon {{p|Latios}} in the [[Lily of the Valley Conference]]. Another character to own a Mythical Pokémon was {{al|Dia}}, an inhabitant of the [[Ultra Ruin]], who owns the Mythical Pokémon {{p|Zeraora}}. Ash owns a Mythical Pokémon, {{AP|MeltanMelmetal}}, which he {{pkmn2|caught}} as a [[Meltan]] in ''[[SM112|Got Meltan?]]'' after it befriended his {{AP|Rowlet}}.
==List of Mythical Pokémon==