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Appendix:Metagame terminology

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===Four moveslot syndrome===
A trait a Pokémon possesses if it needs more than four moves to fully function in the metagame. Also referred to as "4MSS".
A common form of cheating during tournaments when a player gives another player advice behind the scenes, such as what moves to use and when to switch. Players caught engaging in this behavior are typically banned from unofficial tournaments for a period of time.
===IV battle===
Refers to a battle held solely for the purpose of observing the [[statistic|stats]] of one or more Pokémon as they appear when set to a higher level for the duration of the battle, thus making it easier to estimate the Pokémon's [[individual values]].
Refers to unsportsmanlike behavior during a tournament, including not scheduling/showing up for matches with your opponent, bad sportsmanship, and [[#Timer Stall]]. This term originated in the [[Super Smash Bros.]] community, after an infamous player named John who would blame the controller whenever he lost.
===Time Limit===
Any mid-game effects in the official competitive battle such as selecting a [[move]] or [[recall|retreating]] Pokemon, which usually takes place within the 45 seconds allocated per turn. Not implemented by battle simulators like [[Pokémon Showdown]] and {{OBP|Pokémon Online|battle simulator}}.
====Timer Stall====
Refers to delibrately taking a long time to choose what move to use in an attempt to coerce the opponent into forfeiting. Pokémon Showdown had to change their timer mechanics in order to discourage this.