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Brock's Ludicolo

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Personality and characteristics
===Personality and characteristics===
[[File:Brock and Ludicolo.png|thumb|200px|Ludicolo and Brock]]
As a Lotad, Ludicolo's personality was somewhat similar to that of [[Misty's Psyduck]], although Ludicolo was not as frustrating to its Trainer, as Brock is much more patient thenthan {{an|Misty}} was. It usually had a vacant stare about it and was slow to react to the events occurring around it. Nevertheless, it remained a trustworthy Pokémon when called upon to battle or to aid Brock. It proved to be slightly mentally slower than the other Lotad it worked with. Gradually, Lotad grew to be a high-functioning Pokémon, with the help of Brock's encouragement.
As a Lombre, Ludicolo was shown to be a very happy Pokémon, often cheering for its teammates in battle. However, Lombre was occasionally apathetic to situations around him, such as in ''[[AG105|Once in a Mawile!]]'', when it ignored the advances of a {{p|Mawile}}. In said episode, Lombre evolved and its personality changed again; this time, it fell for the Mawile, but was rejected instead. Like all Ludicolo, Brock's enjoys dancing and having fun with other Pokémon. As seen in ''[[AG177|Grating Spaces]]'', when it carried Brock's parents' luggage, Ludicolo is very helpful as well.