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Meanwhile, Ash is being shadowed by {{TRT}}, who are looking to capture {{AP|Pikachu}} as usual. {{MTR}}, meanwhile, notices from up high that Camerupt is carrying movie equipment. For extremely dubious reasons, Meowth decides that Camerupt and the theater system would be perfect gifts for {{an|Giovanni}}. [[James]] and [[Jessie]] are less certain, but decide to go ahead with the scheme anyway. Team Rocket ambushes Ash and friends with a classic pitfall trap at the next river crossing. After cutting the {{motto}} short, they steal Camerupt and prepare to make their getaway. Ash is quick to call out his {{AP|Corphish}}, which promptly frees Camerupt and sends Team Rocket blasting off with a {{m|Bubble Beam}}. With Team Rocket now temporarily indisposed, the group continues to a dangerous mountain path. While fantasizing about "{{an|May}}'s Expedition", May herself nearly gets flattened by a boulder, which then blocks the narrow road. Unable to advance, the party camps for the night.
Over dinner, Elijah mentions that his work is very dangerous, but he does it anyway because he feels he has an obligation to those he entertains. Elijah also reveals a letter he got from a young girl, {{OBP|Mariah|AG086}}, in a town without a movie theater which has reinforced his determination to continue his dangerous unpaid job. Ash, Brock, Max, and May reminisce about movies they saw before leaving on their journey. Elijah offers to read the group the narration of the new {{p|Plusle}} and {{p|Minun}} movie, (itwhich is a silent movie for reasons that aren't explained)film. The groupThey reachesreach the town the following morning and the group resolves to stay in the town long enough to see the movie. The villagers happily greet Elijah as they arrive, and they meet Mariah on the way into town.
The movie starts later that night, with Elijah narrating (the movie which is a slapstick comedy about the kidnap and rescue of a {{p|Kirlia}} princess). However, the movie is cut short by the intervention of Team Rocket, who appear from behind the screen, once again bent on stealing the movie equipment. Jessie calls out {{TP|Jessie|Seviper}} to use {{m|Haze}} and in the subsequent confusion steal the projector. Leaving Brock and {{p|Lombre}} to entertain the crowd, Ash, May, Max, and Elijah dart off to find Team Rocket. Finding a trail of film that Team Rocket dropped, they soon trace Teamit Rocketto the troublesome trio. Meowth realizes the film reel has left a trail, but it is too late as Ash and the others confront them. {{AP|Grovyle}} quickly sends Team Rocket flying and gets back the projector, and relieves Brock (who's been singing the only song he knows over and over again). The show goes on (and it is revealed that Pikachu is a star), with even Team Rocket sneaking in to watch.
==Major events==