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In ''[[SM085|The Long Vault Home!]]'', Ash encountered Viren as he was overseeing the construction of a resort known as [[Viren Tower]] (Japanese: '''ブルガンタワー''' ''Bourgain Tower''). Two days later, the [[Ultra Beast]] {{DL|Ultra Beasts (anime)|Stakataka}} made its way into the construction site, forcing the [[Ultra Guardians]] to come and investigate the area, much to Viren's annoyance. Viren, mistaking the Rampart Pokémon for a statue stand, glued a golden statue of himself onto Stakataka, causing it to go berserk in an attempt to get the statue off. The Ultra Guardians attempted to help it out, but Viren briefly got in their way. Eventually, with the assistance of Kiawe's {{TP|Kiawe|Turtonator}}, Ash made it on top of Stakataka and had his {{AP|Pikachu}} knock the statue off, calming it down. Though the Ultra Guardians succeeded in capturing Stakataka, Viren's statue was damaged, resulting in him deciding to call off the resort's construction in favor of a baseball stadium known as Viren Stadium with its own team instead.
By the time of ''[[SM124|Living on the Cutting Edge!]]'', the Viren Stadium and Viren Tower were completed. As a result, he and his henchmen began practicing for the inauguration ceremony of the stadium, only for a {{DL|Ultra Beasts (anime)|Kartana}} to slice the golden statue of himself in half. He later appeared on a [[television|shopping channel]] called (Japanese: '''ブルガンショッピング''' ''Bourgain Shopping''), which was broadcast from Viren Tower. He presented the "Bling Bling Gold Safe", a product he described as completely indestructible. He had his {{p|Electivire}} and Pangoro attack the safe, inflicting no damage on it. However, Kartana appeared again and effortlessly sliced through the safe. Viren confronted Kartana with Electivire and Pangoro and demanded that it own up to its actions, but it sliced a hole in Viren Tower and escaped.
In [[SM129]], Viren watched [[Mr. Electric]] and [[Mad Magmar]] as they participated in the [[Manalo Conference]], urging them to defeat Kiawe. However, they were promptly defeated by [[Kiawe's Turtonator]].
|desc={{p|Electivire}} is Viren's first known Pokémon. He first used it to intimidate {{an|Kiawe}}'s family, even firing a {{m|Thunder}} at [[Mimo]]. It also battled [[Kiawe's Marowak]] and won. It later had a rematch against Marowak, but this time, it ended up getting defeated by Marowak's {{m|Inferno Overdrive}}.
Electivire reappeared in ''[[SM124|Living on the Cutting Edge!]]'', where it, alongside {{p|Pangoro}}, showed off the strength of Viren's new golden safe at his orders.
Electivire's known moves are {{m|Thunder Punch}}, {{m|Thunder}}, and {{m|Rain Dance}}.}}
|desc={{p|Pangoro}} is Viren's second known Pokémon. It is housed in a [[Luxury Ball]]. He sent it out against {{Ash}} and the {{an|Professor Kukui|Masked Royal}} after they had defeated the opponents he had hired to face them. However, Pangoro was easily defeated by a combination attack from [[Ash's Torracat]] and the Masked Royal's {{TP|Professor Kukui|Incineroar}}.
Pangoro reappeared in ''[[SM124|Living on the Cutting Edge!]]'', where it, alongside {{p|Electivire}}, showed off the strength of Viren's new golden safe at his orders.
Pangoro's only known move is {{m|Fire Punch}}.}}