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In the anime
In ''[[SM121|A Recipe for Success!]]'', Abe asked Mallow to get some ingredients from Oranguru. Afterwards, [[Olivia]], Ash, and the rest of his classmates volunteered to help out at the restaurant. Abe later watched as Mallow returned with a [[Grassium Z]] given by {{DL|Guardian deities (anime)|Tapu Koko}} and a [[Z-Ring]] given by Oranguru.
In ''[[SM124|Living on the Cutting Edge!]]'', Abe and Mallow were preparing food at Aina's Kitchen when a {{DL|Ultra Beasts (anime)|Kartana}} cut up some of their cabbage without them realizing it.
|ja=三宅健太 ''[[Kenta Miyake]]''
|en=[[Sean Reyes]]
|fi=Arto Nieminen ([[SM018]])<br>Markus Bäckman ([[SM030]], [[SM039]])<br>Unknown voice actor ([[SM055]]-present[[SM059]])<br>Vili Orava ([[SM072]])
|pl=Jakub Wieczorek
|es_eu=Antonio Cremades}}