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{{p|Kartana}} debuted in ''[[SM124|Living on the Cutting Edge!]]'', appearing in [[Alola]] through an [[Ultra Wormhole]]. It started slicing through various objects across [[Melemele Island]], prompting {{Ash}} and {{ashcl}} to embark on their eighth mission as the [[Ultra Guardians]]. Their efforts to catch it ended in failure, and were soon overshadowed by a meteor falling towards [[Pokémon School]]. Unexpectedly, Kartana sliced the meteor to small, harmless pieces before it could hit the building, saving the school. Afterwards, it created itself a new Ultra Wormhole by repeatedly slicing the air in rapid succession, allowing it to return itself home.
===Personality and characteristics===
Kartana is shown to enjoy cutting through objects at random, as seen in ''[[SM124|Living on the Cutting Edge!]]'' where it went on a cutting spree. Although it did it for fun, Kartana does it to help as seen where it cut the cabbage at [[Aina's Kitchen]] and cut the meteor which threatened to hit the [[Pokémon School]].