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Animals in the Pokémon world

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In the core series: The term "goose bumps" doesn't imply that geese exist, so I don't think "chicken skin" needs to imply that chickens exist.
** Fresh-caught {{wp|fish}} is served at the restaurants in [[Lumiose City]].
** Real world {{wp|butterfly|butterflies}} appear in the background at some places during Pokémon battles.
* In {{g|Sun and Moon}}, [[Hau]] mentions that something "gave [him] {{wp|chicken}} skin" (a real-world Hawaiian expression similar to "goose bumps"), implying that chickens exist.
* In battle animation:
** Yellow birds are seen circling around a [[Status condition#Confusion|confused]] Pokémon.
** Real-world {{wp|bee}}s appear in the battle animations for {{p|Vespiquen}}'s signature moves {{m|Attack Order}}, {{m|Defend Order}} and {{m|Heal Order}}.
** [[{{p|Cramorant]]}} is seen spitting a non-Pokémon fish.
===In the side series===