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* When both [[Roark]] and [[Byron]] appear at the same time, their after-battle dialog changes from what it normally would be; Roark tells the player that when he became a [[Gym Leader]], he realized how great a Trainer his dad is, but that he would never admit it in front of his father. Byron talks to himself about how Roark thinks he can "show up his old man", and that he, Byron, will need to get better to [[wp:Nepotism|prevent that from happening]].
* A small graphical [[glitch]] occurs with the counter and TV on the right side of the room. When the {{player}} (or even an NPC) is next to either object, it can cause the colors to "jump" out of line.
* [[Candice]] is the only Trainer here to exclusively use Pokémon that were introduced in [[Generation IV]].