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Sneasel (Pokémon)

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Sneasel's most predominant role is as one of {{adv|Silver}}'s Pokémon. He first appeared in ''[[PS092|Who Gives a Hoothoot?]]''. It is his first Pokémon as he was the Pokémon that he used during his {{pkmn|training}} under the [[Masked Man]], and the only one seen with him in flashbacks of his childhood prior to being kidnapped. He is a dexterous and crafty fighter that fully utilizes his speed and attacks of both the {{t|Dark}} type and the {{t|Ice}} type. After many years, he evolved into a {{p|Weavile}} in [[Lance]]'s hidden [[Whirl Islands]] chamber.
Much later, in ''[[PS276|My, My, My Mimic]]'', a Sneasel is shown being captured by [[Carr]], who wanted to ambush {{adv|Red}} and {{adv|Blue}}. However, it is frozen and beaten by the newly arrived [[Lorelei]].
Two Sneasel appeared in ''[[PS386|Disagreeable Graveler]]''.