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[[File:Fly OW.png|thumb|250px|HM moves, like {{m|Fly}}, have effects outside of battle]]
[[File:RG HM.png|thumb|250px|HM artwork for {{game|Red and Green|s}}]]
A '''Hidden Machine''' (Japanese: '''ひでんマシン''' ''Secret Machine''), '''HM''' for short, is an [[item]] that, like a [[TM]], is used to teach a Pokémon a move. HMs can be used an unlimited number of times and cannot be disposed of. Moves taught by HMs, known as '''HM moves''', '''hidden moves'''{{sup/3|RSEFRLG}}{{sup/4|DPPtHGSS}}{{sup/5|BWB2W2}}, '''Hidden Moves'''{{sup/3|FRLG}}{{sup/5|B2W2}}, or '''<sc>Hidden</sc> moves'''{{sup/3|FRLG}} (Japanese: '''ひでんわざ''' ''secret move''; formatted in kanji as '''{{tt|秘伝技|ひでんわざ}}''' ''secret move'' only at the [[Entralink]] and when using [[Poké Transfer]] in Generation V), cannot normally be forgotten. These moves have a use as [[field move]]s in games in which they are HMs.
HMs are not presentStarting in [[Generation VII]], havingthere beenare no longer any field moves or HMs. The field move uses of HM moves are replaced by (depending on the game) [[Poké Ride]] ands, [[Secret Technique]]s, featuresthe for[[Flying fieldTaxi]], navigation.and Three[[Rotom ofBike]]. theSome HMsformer wereHM changedmoves intoare TMs,instead while[[TM]] otheror HM[[TR]] moves can be taught throughin otherthese methodsgames.