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* In the core series, {{game2|Ruby|Sapphire|Emerald}} areand theall [[Generation IV]] games withhave mostthe highest number of HMs available (theyeach havegame has eight HMs), and {{game|HeartGold and SoulSilver|s}} are the games with most HMs required for completion (with seven HMs required).
* Of all the core series games with available HMs, the [[Generation I]] games and the [[Kalos]] ([[Generation VI]]) games are the ones with fewestlowest number of HMs (they have five HMs), and {{game|Black and White|s}} are the ones with fewest HMs required for completion (with only Cut needed).
* Flash, Fly, and Defog are never required to finish a game. Flash and Defog remove obstacles ([[darkness]] and [[fog]], respectively) that make it difficult to see; areas affected can still otherwise be normally explored with these obstacles present.
* With the exception of Flash, Fly, and Defog, all HMs are required to finish the games where they first gained their HM status.
* In the core series, the only methods that can remove an HM move are [[Move Deleter]] and the [[Pokémon Day Care]]. However, HM moves can be replaced as normal in games in which they are not HMs.