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Professor Kukui

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Pokémon Sun and Moon
:''"Alola is a [[region]] made up of several islands. That could be the reason the region is chock full of nothin' but rare {{OBP|Pokémon|species}}, yeah! There's no shortage of cool Pokémon out here in Alola, either!"''
:''"Such mysterious creatures!"''
:''"You find 'em all over. In the grass, in the caves, in the sky and sea... Here in Alola we love our Pokémon, and we depend on them heaps, too. Some of us even battle with 'em, if we call ourselves [[Pokémon TrainersTrainer]]s!"''
:''"{{p|Rockruff}}! Can you wait until I'm done talkin' to play?!"''
:''"All right, I gotta ask you some questions about yourself so I can introduce you to everybody! So which photo should I use for your {{ga|Trainer Card|Trainer Passport}}?"''