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Original series
===[[Original series]]===
Professor Oak made his debut in ''[[EP001|Pokémon, I Choose You!]]'', appearing on a late night television show explaining the three [[starter Pokémon]] that [[Pokémon TrainersTrainer]]s would receive. The next day, three Trainers from [[Pallet Town]], including his grandson, [[Gary Oak]], came to [[Professor Oak's Laboratory|his lab]], ready to become Pokémon Trainers. Oak gave them each a starter Pokémon, including giving Gary his {{TP|Gary|Squirtle|Blastoise}}, though this wasn't revealed [[EP269|until much later]] in the series. Later that same day, Ash came to him as he was also starting his [[Pokémon journey]] and needed his first Pokémon. But because he was so late, the only Pokémon that Oak had left was a rebellious {{AP|Pikachu}}.
He appeared again in ''[[EP002|Pokémon Emergency]]'' where he called the [[Viridian City]] [[Pokémon Center]] after hearing that Ash had already made it there from [[Delia Ketchum|his mother]]. He stated how he was surprised that he had made it that far, and expressed doubts he had when Ash first left. Mentioning making a bet of a million dollars with Gary that Ash hadn't captured any new Pokémon, he was disappointed to hear that this was indeed true and he had lost the bet with his grandson. When Ash told him that he had seen an [[Ho-Oh (anime)|unknown Pokémon]], which resembled the {{p|Articuno|stone carving above him}}, he waved it away as nonsense, saying that Trainers have searched their whole lives for that Pokémon, and none have succeeded.