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Following the [[Team Flare]] incident, [[Lumiose City]] is getting back to normal whilst {{Ash}}, {{an|Serena}} and {{an|Bonnie}} work to rebuild the [[Lumiose Gym]] alongside [[Meyer]] and hope to get it up and running again the next day. {{an|Clemont}} is busy working on a new [[Clembot]] and manages to get it working, and the two introduce themselves. In a cafe, {{TRT}} is speaking to {{an|Giovanni}}, who has heard of Team Flare's downfall, and Team Rocket take a lot of credit for bringing it down. Giovanni requests a full report, and the trio promise to return to Headquarters once the airport reopens, and decide to bring back a surprise for him as well, in the form of {{AP|Pikachu}}.
Joining the others in their conversation, Clemont informs them that the new Clembot has none of the memories of the old Clembot. As they talk, a {{pkmn|trainerTrainer}} called [[Alvin]] shows up to challenge the Gym, who having watched the [[Lumiose Conference]], is excited to meet Ash in person. Clemont introduces himself as the [[Gym Leader]], causing Alvin to wonder about Clembot. Clemont explains the entire incident of Clembot's destruction, causing Alvin to be sad; Alvin explains he had previously challenged the Gym, but was defeated, and has been training hard since then so he can battle Clembot again. Clemont explains that Clembot won't have any memory from before, but Alvin is intent on his wish. So, due to the battlefield not being ready, Clemont asks Alvin to come back the next day to battle, and Alvin agrees. After he leaves, Meyer informs the group that {{an|Professor Sycamore}} has called them to meet [[Alain]] who is coming back.
At Professor Sycamore's lab, a clumsy [[Mairin]] is seen tripping over [[Chespie]] when Ash and {{ashfr}} arrive. Mairin is surprised to see them and explains that she has decided to throw a party on account of Alain's homecoming. Clemont and Bonnie smell something burning. In the kitchen, Mairin moans about the burnt food as the others offer to help prepare for the party. Professor Sycamore drives a still distant Alain back to his lab. As the others prepare for Alain's return, Bonnie can't help but wonder how [[Squishy]] is doing but Ash assures her that Squishy shall be doing fine. Later, Alain and Professor Sycamore return and Mairin welcomes him home.