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Kanga and Li'l Kanga

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Kanga and Li'l Kanga are {{adv|X}}'s first known Pokémon that he has had ever since he was a small child. Years ago, they were used to win a Junior Tournament, which caused X to get the attention of the press. The constant attention eventually led to X shutting himself from society by refusing to leave his house and avoiding human contact. X's shut-in behavior had a negative effect on Li'l Kanga, who also refuses to leave her mother's pouch and never grew up into an adult {{p|Kangaskhan}} as a result. Since X refused to come outside, {{adv|Tierno}} took care of Kanga in his stead.
In ''[[PAXY01|An X-cuse to Come Out and Play]]'', Kanga is seen watching X's friends futilely try to get X to come out of his house. Later, X is attacked by [[Team Flare]] scientists [[Aliana]] and [[Mable]], who demand that he give up his [[Key Stone|Mega Ring]]. Kanga attempts to protect X, but is injured in the process. The commotion causes Li'l Kanga to pop up from her mother's pouch and see her mother and [[{{pkmn|Trainer]]}} being attacked. This angers Li'l Kanga, who reacts to X's Mega Ring and [[Mega Evolution|Mega Evolves]] into Mega Kangaskhan. The transformation allows Li'l Kanga to easily defeat Aliana and Mable's Pokémon, forcing them to retreat. Due to [[Vaniville Town]] being damaged in a battle between [[Xerxer|Xerneas]] and {{p|Yveltal}}, X and his friends are forced to travel while hiding from Team Flare.
In ''[[PAXY03|Inn-teresting Developments]]'', the group arrives in [[Aquacorde Town]], and X decides to camp out in a tent while {{adv|Y}} and the others stay at an inn for the night. The inn turns out to be a trap set up by Team Flare, who attempt to keep Y and the others trapped inside the building while Aliana and Mable kidnap Li'l Kanga while X isn't looking. Y manages to escape and inform X of what is going on. X attempts to Mega Evolve Li'l Kanga to stop Aliana and Mable, but it does not work, so he instead teams up with [[Marisso|Chespin]] to rescue Li'l Kanga and defeat the Team Flare scientists.
==Personality and characteristics==
[[File:Kangaskhanite Adventures.png|thumb|right|120px|Li'l Kanga's Kangaskhanite]]
Kanga and Li'l Kanga are both kind and considerate Pokémon who care greatly for their [[{{pkmn|Trainer]]}}, despite the fact that he ignored them for years. Kanga has been shown to always put others first and refuses to fight if it may injure someone innocent, while Li'l Kanga is very hyper and always ready to solve her problems through a fight and hates being powerless. Li'l Kanga takes greatly after {{adv|X}}, having become a shut in who refuses to leave her comfort zone. Both Kanga and Li'l Kanga are powerful battlers and work in sync with their Trainer.