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Teleport (move)

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Generation I
===In battle===
====Generation I====
In {{pkmn2|wild}} battles, the user flees and the battle ends. If the user's level is less than the opponent's level, there is a chance that Teleport will fail. More; specifically, the chance ofto failingfail is <code>FLOOR(''O''OpponentLevel /÷ 4) /÷ (''O''OpponentLevel + ''U''UserLevel + 1)</code>, where ''O'' is the opponent's level and ''U'' is the user's level. This means that the chance of failure is always between approximatelyabout 12.5% and 25%, with a higher chancechances when the opponent's level is much greater than the user's.
In {{pkmn|Trainer}} battles, Teleport always fails.