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'''Kirikiri Mountain''' (Japanese: '''キリキリ山''' ''Mt. Kirikiri'') is an {{pkmn|anime}}-exclusion location in [[Hoenn]], found somewhere between [[Littleroot Town]] and [[Fortree City]]. It was featured in ''[[AG076|Me, Myself and Time]]''. The mountain is well known for theirits thick fog, limiting thewhich visionoften arounddisorientates themtravelers.
==Places of Interest==
==Baltoy civilization ruins==
[[File:Baltoy Civilization.png|thumb|220px|left|The wall from the Baltoy civilization]]
OnThe the mountain there is a mysterious cave that was the home of an ancient {{p|'''Baltoy}} civilization. Theruins''' caveare isa hidden inlocation anwithin alcoveKirikiri inMountain, oneonly ofaccessible thevia forest'sa treestree hollow. Entering the cave, there are drawingsglyphs on the wall from the Baltoy civilization, as well as an ancient structure that, through a {{p|Baltoy}}'s {{m|Rapid Spin}}, allows a person and Pokémon to travel to another period of [[time travel]].
After becoming separated from {{ashfr}}, {{Ash}} encountered {{OBP|Calista|AG076}}, an amateur archaeologist who hoped to find the ancient Baltoy civilization after receiving a peculiar phone call. Together they met a mysterious woman who guided them through to the ruins, revealing some of the ancient civilization's secrets including a magic wheel capable of time travel. The mysterious woman later revealed that she was in fact Calista, but from the future before returning back to her own time.
{{Ash}} and {{ashfr}} visited Kirikiri Mountain in ''[[AG076|Me, Myself and Time]]'', trying to take a shortcut to Fortree City. They soon realized, however, that it would have been easier to go around the mountain, due to the dense fog. Ash got separated from the group and met {{OBP|Calista|AG076}}, and together they found the cave and the time machine.
==Pokémon seen at Kirikiri Mountain==
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| {{ActivePoké|Calista|Baltoy|Calista Baltoy.png|Ground|Psychic|link=no}}
| {{ActivePoké|Calista|Xatu|Calista Xatu AG076.png|Psychic|Flying|link=no}}