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The episode opens up with {{Ash}} and {{Ashfr}} at a [[Pokémon Center]] after being caught in a downpour. In the mean time, Pikachu and Ash's other Pokémon receive a check-up by [[Nurse Joy]] and [[Nurse Joy's Wigglytuff|Wigglytuff]]. After {{an|Bonnie}} exclaims that the rain is never going to stop, {{an|Clemont}} pulls out his invention called the [[Clemontic Gear|"Weather Predictor"]] which collects data including the movement of rain clouds, wind, humidity and temperature to predict the weather. Clemont raises the analysis speed to make it work faster, but causes the invention to explode.
Ash decides the fix the leak, but {{an|Serena}} is worried because it is still raining outside. Clemont takes {{TP|Clemont|Luxray}} out of its ball and exclaims that Luxray and Pikachu could power the Pokémon Center for a while. Pikachu and {{TP|Clemont|Dedenne}} agree. Ash, Serena and Bonnie wish them good luck and leave.
Since all the equipment are down, Nurse Joy hands out [[berries]] for the time being. Serena and Bonnie decide to help Nurse Joy, while Nurse Joy leaves to attend to a Pokémon requiring special treatment. Serena brings out {{TP|Serena|Braixen}} and {{TP|Serena|Pancham}} and start to hand out berries to [[trainers]]{{pkmn|Trainer}}s.
Meanwhile, Ash climbs to the roof but then slips. He sends out {{TP|Ash|Hawlucha}} and {{TP|Ash|Frogadier}} and asks them to help him fix the roof. Firstly, he asks Frogadier to make some [[Frubbles]] to stop him from slipping. Ash uses the Frubbles to get to the damaged part of the roof. While Hawlucha holds down a plank of wood, Ash asks Frogadier to look for more holes on the roof. Meanwhile, {{TP|Clemont|Bunnelby}} scrubs the wet floor down next to Clemont, while Dedenne snoozes off.