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'''Complete Collections''' are a type of anime home video package that is released by [[VIZ Media]] for {{wp|DVD region code|DVD Region 1}}. They include all episodes from the corresponding season, with the exception of [[Banned episodes|episodes that have been removed from rotation]].
Complete Collection DVDs have been released for [[season]]s [[S01|1]] to [[S09S10|910]] and season [[S20|20]] to [[S21|21]] of the [[Pokémon anime]], with [[S10|season 10]] announced for future release. Season 21 is the only Complete Collection to also be released on Blu-ray; while season 1 (under the standard season definition) was released on Blu-ray, that release is not considered a Complete Collection.
The ''[[Sun & Moon series|Pokémon the Series: Sun and Moon]]'' Complete Collections are not described as Complete Collections on the cases themselves, but are on VIZ Media's website. The ''[[S10|Pokémon: Diamond and Pearl]]'' Complete Collection is described on the cover as "The Complete Season", but otherwise has the same design as other Complete Collections, and is considered to be part of the series on VIZ Media's website.
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