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In ''[[SS035|Mega Evolution Special IV]]'', Lysandre observed Alain's battles against ten Mega Evolution Trainers while his scientists researched the Giant Rock. After [[Chespie]], Mairin's {{p|Chespin}}, who had interfered with the experiments performed on a {{p|Zygarde}} Core, was hospitalized, Lysandre told the victorious Alain that he had to continue gather data on Mega Evolution if Chespie was to recover. He was also shown to be close to Malva, who served as Alain's final opponent.
=====In ''XY&Z''=====
Lysandre has a major antagonistic role in [[S19|the ''XY&Z'' arc]], first making appearances in ''[[XY094|From A to Z!]]'' and ''[[XY102|Meeting at Terminus Cave!]]'', where he was studying [[Squishy]] alongside [[Xerosic]].
In ''[[XY106|A Meeting of Two Journeys!]]'', Lysandre was contacted by Alain via Holo Caster, who wanted to know if Mairin's Chespie's condition had improved or not. Later, he reappeared in [[XY107|the next episode]], overseeing the operation to capture [[Z2]] alongside Xerosic. At the end of the episode, he received Z2.