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Bianca met up with Ash and his friends again in [[Nimbasa Town]] in ''[[BW039|Reunion Battles In Nimbasa!]]''. She was enamored with [[Luke's Zorua]] and attempted to catch her, not knowing that she already had a Trainer. Bianca also decided to enter the [[Club Battle]] tournament along with the group. In [[BW040|the next episode]], she battled [[Stephan]] in the first round of the tournament, where she used her Minccino against his {{p|Zebstrika}}. Zebstrika proved too powerful and defeated Minccino, thus knocking Bianca out of the tournament.
Bianca reappeared inIn ''[[BW049|Enter Elesa, Electrifying Gym Leader!]]'', where sheBianca battled [[Elesa]] in a [[Gym]] {{pkmn|battle}}. However, all of her Pokémon were defeated by Elesa's Zebstrika. [[Bianca's father|Her father]] almost had her taken home because of this loss, but Ash and Elesa convinced him to let Bianca continue her journey.
Bianca reappeared inIn ''[[BW062|Crisis at Chargestone Cave!]]'', where sheBianca revealed that she was going to trade her {{p|Shelmet}} for [[Professor Juniper]]'s {{p|Karrablast}}. However, before that, the wild {{p|Galvantula}} and {{p|Joltik}} in the area started to cause trouble, so she decided to help Ash and the group deal with the problem. In the end, it was revealed that {{TRT}} was behind the whole ordeal and after helping defeat them, Bianca met up with Professor Juniper.
In ''[[BW063|Evolution Exchange Excitement!]]'', Professor Juniper and Bianca traded their Shelmet and Karrablast together, making them [[evolution|evolve]] into {{p|Accelgor}} and {{p|Escavalier}} respectively. However, as soon as it had evolved, Escavalier started disobeying Bianca. To improve their team work, Bianca and Professor Juniper decided to use their new Pokémon in a [[Multi Battle|Tag Battle]] against [[Cilan's Crustle]] and [[Ash's Boldore]]. As Accelgor protected Escavalier by using {{m|Substitute}}, the two Pokémon started to work better as a team, and they were able to defeat {{p|Boldore}} together. Despite that both Accelgor and Escavalier were then defeated by Cilan's {{p|Crustle}}, Bianca was glad that her new Pokémon was now obeying her.
Bianca reappeared inIn ''[[BW070|The Clubsplosion Begins!]]'', in [[Ambiga Town]] in order toBianca registerregistered for the [[Clubsplosion]]. She discovered that her first opponent was [[Trip]], who took her very lightly as an opponent. Her battle with Trip began in ''[[BW071|Search for the Clubultimate!]]'', where it was revealed she had evolved her Pignite into {{TP|Bianca|Emboar}}. Though Emboar was on the field, Bianca was nowhere to be found. A bit later she ran onto the battlefield, claiming that she was late because she was too busy touching [[Delbert]]'s {{p|Mienshao}}'s muscles. She then tripped and fell on her face. It did not get her down, however, and was as eager as ever to get the battle started.
She had her Emboar attack with moves like {{m|Arm Thrust}} and {{m|Hammer Arm}}, but Trip had his {{p|Conkeldurr}} block these attacks with its concrete pillars. Bianca became concerned about losing the battle after Emboar became trapped in Conkeldurr's {{m|Rock Tomb}} and could not evade its {{m|Stone Edge}}. However, [[BW072|in the next episode]], Bianca cried to Emboar to do something before the attack made contact. A smile then came to her face, seeing that Emboar had actually caught the stones in his arms. She then commanded him to use {{m|Fling}}, to send the rocks back at Conkeldurr. Conkeldurr became distracted by it and Bianca had Emboar take its concrete pillars from it and then had Emboar use Fling again to throw them back at it, which knocked out Conkeldurr and got Bianca through to the second round.
Having completed the requirements to enter Unova's {{pkmn|League Conference}}, Bianca reappeared in ''[[BW103|Curtain Up, Unova League!]]'' in [[Vertress City]], where she met up with {{Ash}} and his friends. In the first round of the [[Vertress Conference]], she used her Emboar to battle [[Mikael]]'s {{p|Watchog}} and won. In ''[[BW104|Mission: Defeat Your Rival!]]'', she battled {{un|Cameron}} in the second round, using her Escavalier and Emboar against the latter's {{p|Samurott}} and {{TP|Cameron|Riolu}}. Her Pokémon put a good fight but were eventually defeated, resulting in her elimination from the competition, much to her disappointment. She stayed for the remainder of the League Conference, watching all the other battles. In ''[[BW108|A Unova League Evolution!]]'' she participated in the closing ceremonies of the Vertress Conference. Afterwards she bought ice creams for Ash, his friends, Stephan, and Cameron and his {{TP|Cameron|Lucario}}. She then said farewell to the group and left.
Bianca appeared prominently in the ending [[Let's Join Hands]]. Herand latest appearance wasalso in a cameo in the ending credits of ''[[M16|Genesect and the Legend Awakened]]''.