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The next day, Georgia helped herself to {{ashfr|the group}}'s breakfast while they were off watching Excadrill {{pkmn|training|train}}. She was then challenged by Iris to a [[rematch]]. With Excadrill now trusting his Trainer once more and with the use of a newly learned {{m|Focus Blast}}, the battle resulted in a draw. Georgia didn't consider the draw a real loss as Excadrill was not a Dragon-type. She took her leave after telling Cilan to make her a better meal the next time they were to meet.
She reappeared inIn ''[[BW039|Reunion Battles In Nimbasa!]]'', where sheGeorgia entered and advanced to the second round of the Club Battle by defeating {{OBP|Sylvester|BW039}}'s {{p|Joltik}}. In the [[BW040|next episode]], she is selected to go up against {{Ash}}. She was also revealed to have a {{p|Pawniard}}, and she used it to begin the battle against his {{AP|Snivy}}. Although the battle was hard fought, Snivy was able to knock out Pawniard eliminating Georgia from the Club Battle. Georgia, however, blamed her loss on the battlefield's terrain, which caused Pawniard's arms to become stuck.
When Iris won the Club Battle, Georgia gained some respect for her, telling her to continue to work toward becoming a Dragon Master, or otherwise it will make her look bad to be her rival.
Georgia appeared again inIn ''[[BW070|The Clubsplosion Begins!]]'', toGeorgia participateparticipated in the [[Clubsplosion]] that was held in [[Ambiga Town]]'s [[Battle Club]]. She was particularly eager to battle Iris in the tournament expecting her to enter with a new Dragon type. When it was revealed Iris chose Excadrill for the Clubsplosion she was furious with her. Her first opponent was [[Gail]] whom she battled against in ''[[BW071|Search for the Clubultimate!]]''. Gail used a Dragon-type Pokémon, {{p|Druddigon}}, as well which put Georgia in a good mood. Quickly, her {{p|Bisharp}}, which she had since evolved from Pawniard took out the Cave Pokémon advancing her to the second round. In ''[[BW072|A Clubsplosion of Excitement!]]'', her second opponent was revealed to be {{an|Bianca}}. However she lost to her rather quickly after two {{m|Flamethrower}}s from {{TP|Bianca|Emboar}} roasted Bisharp. Still the loss did not appear to upset her too much and she did not count it as a real one because Emboar is not a Dragon type.
Georgia appeared inIn ''[[BW081|Crisis at Ferroseed Research!]]'', where it was revealed that sheGeorgia owned a {{p|Vanilluxe}}, which became attracted to Iris's Axew, much to her dislike. She was on her way to the [[Ferroseed Research Institute]] to have Vanilluxe exposed to the special moss said to enhance abilities. At the lab, Vanilluxe ran away from her in order to chase Axew. When the {{p|Ferroseed}} at the laboratory got out of control and started generating electric moss that grew rapidly, she had her Beartic get rid of the electric moss using its Ice-type moves. Once the Ferroseed were brought under control, she took back her Vanilluxe and went on her way.
She appeared again inIn ''[[BW090|Jostling for the Junior Cup!]]'', where sheGeorgia participated in the [[Pokémon World Tournament Junior Cup]]. She battled with her Beartic against Iris's {{TP|Iris|Dragonite}}, but despite having the type advantage, she lost and was eliminated from the tournament. She spent the rest of the tournament on the sidelines, chatting with [[Burgundy]].
She appeared briefly in ''[[BW108|A Unova League Evolution!]]'' in Ash's flashback about his travels in [[Unova]].
Georgia appeared prominently in the ending ''[[Let's Join Hands]]'' and also made a cameo appearance in the ending credits of ''[[M16|Genesect and the Legend Awakened]]''.