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|vaen=Ryan William Downey
|desc={{p|Golisopod}} is Guzma's first known Pokémon. It was first used to battle [[Ash's Pikachu]], but the match ended prematurely when Golisopod returned to its {{i|Poké Ball}} due to Emergency Exit. It was used again in the second round of the Alola League, where it emerged victorious against Lana's Primarina.
Golisopod was sent out against Ash's {{AP|Torracat}} in the semi-final. The two were evenly matched, with Golisopod taking several hard hits. Golisopod proved to be just as fond of using dirty tactics as its trainer, as when faced with a {{m|Fire Blast}} it used Emergency Exit and forced Scizor to come out and take the attack despite having a double weakness to it. This led to Scizor being knocked out, infuriating Guzma as his strategy was now ruined.
Golisopod's known moves are {{m|First Impression}}, {{m|Pin Missile}}, {{m|Liquidation}}, {{m|Poison Jab}}, and {{m|Throat Chop}}, and its [[Ability]] is {{a|Emergency Exit}}.}}
In [[SM130]], Scizor was used by Guzma to battle [[Ilima]] and his {{p|Kangaskhan}}. Despite Ilima [[Mega Evolution|Mega Evolving]] Kangaskhan, Scizor was able to defeat its opponent through strategy, allowing Guzma to progress to the second round.
In [[SM136]], Scizor knownwas movesthe arefirst {{m|BulletPokémon Punch}},Guzma used during his battle against Ash in the semi-finals where it went against {{mAP|AgilityTorracat}}. After using U-Turn, Scizor returned to its [[Poké Ball]] and switched with Golisopod due to it having a double type-disadvantage against Torracat. However, Golisopod retreated from a {{m|X-ScissorFire Blast}} and sent out Scizor without warning, leaving it no time to prepare for or counter the move. As a result, Scizor took a direct hit and was knocked out immediately.}}
Scizor known moves are {{m|Bullet Punch}}, {{m|Agility}}, {{m|X-Scissor}} and {{m|U-Turn}}.}}
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