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Methods of evolution

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In the anime, Pokémon that evolve by trade sometimes evolve after being temporarily in a different person's possession, like [[Misty's Politoed]] being with [[Nurse Joy]] at the [[Pokémon Center]] and [[Brock's Steelix]] when he lent Onix to his brother [[Forrest]].
This method of evolution will be featured in [[Pokémon GO]].
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:''Main article: [[Evolution-inducing held item]]''
:''See also: [[:Category:Pokémon that evolve by trading with a held item]]''
Some Pokémon evolve when traded while holding a specific [[evolution-inducing held item]]. If a Pokémon evolves this way, the item disappears upon completion of the evolution. This method of evolution was introduced in [[Generation II]], which(the alsosame hasgeneration that introduced holdingheld items byin Pokémongeneral).
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