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*The scene where Ash receives a call from Professor Oak and sees that Oak has the back camera on by mistake was cut.
*Professor Oak's bet with Gary was changed: In the comic, he mentioned that he would have "eaten his own hat" if he discovered Ash didn't catch a single Pokémon, with Ash asking if it was a cowboy hat when implying Gary won the bet, with Oak privately and glumly admitting that it was indeed a ten-gallon cowboy hat. In the actual episode, he mentioned he would have given Gary a million dollars for the same bet. Ash then made a comment that implied that Gary won the bet, with Oak then glumly deciding he really shouldn't have bothered making the bet at all.
**On a related note, the comic has Ash saying "Bye, prof." when Oak abruptly ends the call, while in the anime, he instead gives a confused remark.
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