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* The player and their rival receive their [[Pokédex]] along with their [[starter Pokémon]] and no longer battle until returning to [[Professor Oak]] to deliver [[Parcel|his parcel]]. The player also receives some [[Razz Berry|Razz Berries]] from Professor Oak instead of some {{i|Poké Ball}}s.
* The [[Team Rocket trio]] appears early at [[Viridian City]], where they replace the {{ka|old man}} as the obstacle keeping the player from progressing to {{rt|2|Kanto}}. They later can be found in the Pokémon Road in {{rt|17|Kanto}} after the disbandment of Team Rocket.
** Unlike in {{game|Yellow}}, {{MTR||Meowth (Team Rocket)|Team Rocket's Meowth}} no longer battles.
* [[Mina]], a {{type|Fairy}} Pokémon Trainer from [[Alola]], is visiting Kanto and can be found in the [[Vermilion City|Vermilion Port]].
* [[Lorelei]] appears early during the {{tc|Team Rocket Grunt}}'s raid near the Pokémon Center on {{rt|10|Kanto}}.
** Blue appears early in the [[Pewter City]] and later in the Silph Co. during the raid of Team Rocket. Similar to the storyline prior to [[Generation II]], Blue takes over as the Gym Leader of [[Viridian Gym]] after the player beats the {{pkmn|Champion}}.
** Green can be found in [[Cerulean Cave]], searching for {{p|Mewtwo}}, and later reappears in [[Cerulean City]].
*{{p|Moltres}} is back on [[Victory Road (Kanto)|Victory Road]] like from Gen I
*Like in Generation III, all [[Elite Four]] members share Gym Battle music instead of Trainer Battle with the exception of [[Lance]].
*The [[Power Plant (Kanto)|Power Plant]] goes back to having the [[Team Rocket Hideout|Rocket Hideout]] music from Gen I instead of the [[Pokémon Mansion]] from Gen III.