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* There is at least one Mega- Evolved Pokémon of every [[type]]: {{t|Psychic}} has the most (with ten), while {{t|Ice}} and {{t|Electric}} have the fewest (with two each).
** Electric is the only type for which no new Mega Evolution was introduced in Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.
* {{p|Gardevoir}} and {{p|Gallade}} are the only Pokémon capable of Mega Evolution that are in the same evolutionary family.
* In an interview with the Nintendo Dream magazine, [[Ken Sugimori]] stated that {{p|Flygon}} was intended to get a Mega Evolution in [[Pokémon X and Y]], but the [[List of unused Pokémon and character designs#Pokémon designs|idea was dropped]] due to him experiencing artist's block.
* In the Pokémon X and Y demo, the message "''An immense rare power has risen in Mewtwo''" would be displayed before Mega Evolving. In the final game, the message displayed is "''<Pokémon>'s <Mega Stone> is reacting to <Trainer>'s <Key Stone item>!''" Additionally, Mega Mewtwo Y is referred to as simply Mega Mewtwo.
* Despite being introduced in [[Pokémon X and Y]] with the [[Kalos]] region, no Pokémon discovered in Kalos can Mega Evolve.
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