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Squirtle (Pokémon)

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Squirtle is a combination of ''squirt'' (''to spray'' and ''small child'') and ''turtle''.
Zenigame is a combination of 銭 ''zeni'' (money) and 亀 ''kame'' (tortoise/turtle). It literally means 銭亀 ''baby pond turtle''. The word 亀 ''kame'' undergoes {{wp|rendaku}} in its name. <!--Compare the connection of 'ike' and 'hana', which actually sounds not 'ikehana', but 'ikebana', or even 'san' (three) and 'hon' (counter for long things). This example gives 'sanbon'.--> According to {{game|Black and White|s}}'s television program ''PokéQuiz'', "'Zeni' is an old-fashioned word for money. Squirtle's shells look like old coins, so that's how they got their name!"
==In other languages==