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Alolan Marowak-GX (SM Promo 187)

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|name=Lost Boomerang -GX
|jtrans=Lost BoomerangGX
==Release information==
This card was one of the {{TCG|SM Black Star Promos}} availableincluded in the {{TCGMerch|Sun & Moon|Series|Alolan Marowak-GX Box}} as one of the {{TCG|SM Black Star Promos}}, released May 3, 2019. A {{TCG|Jumbo cards|Jumbo}} version was also included in the box. In Japan, this card was 1 of 7 possible {{TCG|SM-P Promotional cards}} available in promotional packs awarded to participants of Pokémon Card Gym tournaments during September, October, and November 2018. This print features the Pokémon Card Gym logo.