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While she is very incompetent when it comes to stealing Pokémon, Jessie eventually becomes a highly accomplished Performer and a Master Class semi-finalist. Indeed, after she loses to Serena, she is overjoyed by her steady progress, instead of going on her usual rants or crying like the others.
Jessie is somewhat dimwitted; telling her Pokémon to use moves they cannot learn, and losing to young trainers such as Ash. However, she has some skill in other areas. During her time in [[Hoenn]], Jessie revealed herself to have been a former [[Pokémon Coordinator]] and re-assumed this role throughout her time in the region, but almost every time she performed terribly. Her skills greatly improved during her time in [[Sinnoh]], during which Jessie proved herself to be a talented Coordinator. Her skills and knowledge of Contests were further showcased in ''[[DP061|Team Shocker!]]'', where Jessie, criticised [[Dawn (anime)|Dawn]]'s performance after her {{TP|Dawn|Ambipom}}'s attack proved distracting. Jessie tended to showcase her relationships with her Pokémon. She was consistently noted for her unique style and enthusiasm, literally throwing herself into her performances and enduring attacks. Despite being defeated on many occasions, Jessie has nonetheless been able to win a few Contests on her own, including defeating Kenny in the finals of the {{to|Solaceon}} Contest and being praised by [[Top Coordinator]] [[Johanna]] for her winning performance in the {{to|Neighborly}} Contest.