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Sandstorm (weather condition)

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Added mention of Max Rockfall. It's likely it follows the same number of turns as Sand Stream and Sandstorm, but we can't say for certain until the game releases.
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'''Sandstorm''' (Japanese: '''{{tt|砂あらし|すなあらし}}''' ''Sandstorm'') is a type of [[weather]] introduced in battle in [[Generation II]]. It was introduced in the overworld in [[Generation III]].
It will last for five turns if created using {{a|Sand Stream}} ([[Generation VI]] onwards) or {{m|Sandstorm}}, or eight if created while holding a [[Smooth Rock]]. If created using Sand Stream (prior to Generation VI) or encountered in the overworld, it will last until replaced. In the upcoming {{g|Sword and Shield}}, {{m|Max Rockfall}} causes a sandstorm after dealing damage.