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==Modifications to transported Pokémon==
Despite the player in the Generation IV game catching the Pokémon again, its [[Original Trainer|OT]], [[Trainer ID number|ID number]], and [[Poké Ball]] remain the same. Migrated Pokémon retain their [[held item]]s. ItsTheir [[friendship]] is reset to 70.
Many Pokémon obtained in [[Generation III]] gained an Ability in [[Generation IV]]. Due to Ability being dependent on [[personality value]] in the Generation III and IV games, this means that some migrated Pokémon have an Ability that does not match their personality value (since the Ability is not changed upon migration). However, because Abilities are recalculated upon [[evolution]] in Generation IV and {{gen|V}}, if that Pokémon evolves in games of these generations its Ability will change to match its personality value.