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Oshawott (Pokémon)

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* Oshawott and its fellow [[Unova]] [[starter Pokémon]] were first revealed as silhouettes on the May 9, 2010 episode of [[Pokémon Sunday]]. They were later revealed in full in the June 2010 issue of [[CoroCoro]].
* Oshawott has the lowest base stat total of all {{type|Water}} starter Pokémon.
* Oshawott is the only {{type|Water}}-type starter Pokémon that is not a member of the {{egg3|Water 1}}.
* Oshawott was designed by [[Yūsuke Ōmura]]. TheyIt werewas also the last [[Generation V]] Starterstarter Pokémon to be created, with the staff noting that they always have some difficulty coming up with concepts for the Water-type starters.
* In {{g|Black and White}}, Oshawott, along with {{p|Snivy}} and {{p|Tepig}}, has the lowest [[experience]] yield of all Pokémon, with a base value of 28. This was done specifically for the first two battles of the games, so the player's starter wouldn't level up after defeating [[Bianca]] and thus have a level advantage over [[Cheren]].
** From {{g|Black 2 and White 2}} onward, their base experience yield was raised to 62 to bring them in line with the other [[starter Pokémon]] in the series.